Name goes here
Age Character's age
Roommate If there is one?
Villainous Parent As it says, really.
Tomorrow, the World! Mwahaha! Er, moments of accomplishment, pride, or just good traits.
Curses, Foiled Again! Drat, drat, and double drat! Or just some bad times, weaknesses, or flaws.
Superpower Lottery Special powers / abilities they have--If they have any at all.
Favorite Subject A classic, this one is.
Least Favorite Subject Like hero is to villain, favorite is to least.
Accomplices Everyone needs some partners in crime! Or do they? Hm. }}

"If you put a quote here in italics, you could say someone's saying it."

-- Name / situation

[Character name] is the [son / daughter / gender-neutral child] of [name of villain parent, maybe some flowery text, I dunno].

Personality Edit

A character (much less a villain!) is nothin' without a good personality. Throw in good traits and bad, make it witty, make them fun. Let's all just vow to have fun.

Physical Description Edit

Easy enough--How they look.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Family matters go here. Do they and mama / papa get along or not? Any siblings? Distant cousins?

Friends Edit

Buddies and companions through thick and thin! Or maybe just fair-weather friends, whatever. You can mention their roommate here, too, if we're doing that. I think we are?

Pet Edit

Y'know, sometimes human pals just won't cut it. So enter animals. Unless they don't own animals? In which case...Well, hope those humans are workin' out for 'ya!

Romance Edit

Straight? Homo? Bi? Pan? Ace? Demi? Who even knows? That's all up to you, and this romance section will let you detail which way they swing, if they have crushes, or even if they're dating!

Gallery Edit

Fancy-shmancy pictures enter here.

Trivia Edit

Got any other interesting / silly / perhaps unnecessary but you wanna add 'em anyway factoids? Slam 'em right here and be on your merry way.