Johnathan 'John' Craddock
Age Seventeen years, and have been for quite a while. Since the 1800's, I do believe.
Roommate Paulette Batroc. Interesting young lady, she is. Definitely feisty, but I don't mind. It's kind of endearing.
Villainous Parent Gentleman Ghost, the famous highwayman. Both in life and in death. Not many people can boast about such an achievement.
Tomorrow, the World! I avoid it most of the time, as its just not polite, but I tend to use my ghostly nature to my advantage. Namely, scaring the niblets out people. As I said, intimidation isn't my favoured tactic, but it is useful.
Curses, Foiled Again! Modern technology of any kind. It befuddles me to no end. These 'automobiles' and 'televisions' are so common place to most, but they aren't the easiest for someone like me to figure out.
Superpower Lottery Unknown
Favorite Subject History. Having experienced much of it first hand makes the class ever so simple.
Least Favorite Subject Well, many of the more... hands on subjects are difficult for me. Another disadvantage of life as a ghost is not being able to touch most objects. Can't catch a basketball, can't hold a paintbrush, can't use a 'computer keyboard'... It's irritating, to be sure.
Accomplices I've found myself a crew of sorts. Misters Sebastian and Dexter as well as Misses Paulette and Aria. They're rather nice folks, if I do say so myself. }}

Johnathan 'John' Craddock, "The Sophisticated Specter", is the son of the undead master criminal, Gentleman Ghost.







Gentleman Ghost isn't the kind of guy one would expect to be a good parent, but he's actually not that bad. He treats Johnathan with a decent amount of respect and raises him to be as polite and well-mannered as he was. He's still a villain, so obviously he has some warped ideals and values, but he's a good parent otherwise.

That said, he may not actually be Johnathan's parent. It might just be that he forgot about certain bits of his life, but James doesn't remember having a wife or anyone who could give birth to a child. So, whether John is biologically related to Jim is kind of... up in the air.




Agatha is Johnathan's skeletal horse. She's not big enough to ride, but she's a loyal pet and looks pretty darn sinister, so she hangs around for aesthetic purposes. Obviously, she doesn't fit in Johnathan's dorm, but she's still kept on the school grounds.


Despite the fact that Paulette believes the ghost is putting the moves on her, he's taken. There's a significant age difference between him and his girlfriend, but they have a strong enough relationship to make it work. She doesn't go to Iron Heights Academy, but they've managed to bridge the distance between the two of them through phone calls, email and the occasional séance.

Johnathan describes his girl as 'beautiful, but a little bit odd'. He's able to see past her 'quirkiness', though. The two have a shared interest in the occult and things that others consider spooky. Makes sense, considering he's a specter and she can recreate anyone's worst fear. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Jolene Crane might not be the first person you'd think to have a boyfriend like Johnathan, but sometimes love works in funny ways. If you ask him, he'll be happy to tell you about how they met. See, there was this graveyard...